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101 Stewart Circle
Vredenburgh, AL 10012



Founded in 1962, Wilmon Timberlands is the premier timber management firm in the Southern United States. 

Wilmon manages timberlands for high net worth individuals, families and trusts in separate accounts and in partnership structures. Wilmon also serves as a trusted third party manager to high net worth individuals, trusts and LLCs.

We serve long-term investors who value our blend of stewardship and local knowledge.

Our location -- southwestern Alabama -- is one of the best places in the country for growing timber. The unique combination of ideal soil and temperate climate provides for an optimum growth rate for harvestable timber.

Southern Alabama has a high concentration of mills.  A ready market for many different product classes allows Wilmon Timberlands a diverse and competitive marketplace in which to operate. Among other things, this benefits our clients through better pricing on stumpage sales by capitalizing on local market conditions.

We employ career professionals who live, work, and play in this area.  Our employees thrive in a challenging and education-oriented work environment.

Finally, we positively impact our local communities through financial and hands-on contribution to local hospitals, State and county hunting and fishing organizations, local environmental stewardship organizations, local schools and after-school programs.


Wilmon has benefited from over 125 years of combined service from these talented and dedicated employees.

Michael Hutcheson -- President and Chief Forester
Judy Halbrook -- Bookeeper and Treasurer
James T. Bohannon -- Forest Technician
Carissa Maines -- Office Administration