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Forest Management

Wilmon provides comprehensive forest management services.

Our personal approach and customized silviculture plans are focused on what best suits that parcel's growth characteristics as well as our client's objectives.

We hold ourselves to the highest industry standards and recognize our environmental and social responsibilities for sustainable forest management principals.

Land Purchase and Sale

Wilmon has a long history of buying and selling timberland in southern Alabama. We know the land around us and have developed a positive rapport with local mills, cutting crews and industry players. We pursue knowledge of the ownership history of parcels, as well as past management and growth characteristics of those parcels. Knowing these factors helps us put a true value on land and timber when buying or selling.

When we put timber tracts up for bid, provide cruise numbers, and evaluate land and timber purchases, our industry contacts know that our assessments are trustworthy. This trust converts to a premium in bids that we receive on timber contracts. Each bidder knows that he will get what he is paying for. With no discrepancy or haggling, he can confidently and aggressively bid after our land and timber. Since timber is an inefficient market, significant gains can be made by strategic timing and pricing of timber purchases and sales.

Marketing and Harvesting

One of Wilmon's core competencies is in providing value through the sale of standing timber. We have deep experience in direct-stumpage sales to our wide and trusted network of dealers and mills. Thus, we are able to provide our clients the best price for their timber.

Wilmon's managed lands are surrounded by several mills. Each of these mills requires a constant supply of timber to operate efficiently and profitably. The demand from these mills trends up and down due to local supply and demand. Wilmon is agile enough to sell and defer harvests at the right times in order to maximize the value of its holdings.

After any sale is completed, Wilmon employees monitor the harvesting of all timber and monitor the logging crews that are on the property in order to ensure the contract is honored and environmental standards are upheld.

If replanting is required, a custom land and management plan is developed and implemented using the latest silviculture techniques, environmental considerations, and value for the client.

Recreation and Higher and Better Use (HBU)

Timberland can provide a higher better use to clients through development, conservation, hunting property, personal recreation properties, and other site-specific factors that increase the value of the land well above future timber value.

Wilmon works with clients to identify the potential value of their timberland and to execute a strategy for maximizing that value. An additional source of income for many of our clients is the use of hunting leases. Wilmon routinely provides management of hunting leases for our clients.

Timberland Review

Wilmon provides a regular review of our client's assets. We encourage open dialogue between our staff and clients. We can also refer clients to well-respected third party CPA firms and attorneys familiar with timberland investments and the nuanced tax and legal aspects that are unique to this asset class.

List of our services

  • Softwood Management
  • Hardwood Management
  • Natural Pine Management
  • Land and Timber Prep, Sales, Analysis
  • Reforestation Planning
  • Silviculture and Land Management Plans
  • Annual and Projected Budgets and Harvest Plans
  • Ownership Records
  • Administration and Accounting
  • Wildlife and Game Management
  • Hunting Lease Administration
  • Utility Access and Lease Administration
  • Tax Support